Tours to Iran: Historical Iran



Just discover the beauty of Iran, one of the most magnificent and ancient countries in the whole world. This tour will take you to visit Monuments of Iran in different regions. You will start your adventure with visiting Tehran, which is not only the heart and capital of Iran but also full of historical and stunning buildings and palaces such as Tehran Golestan Complex, one of the UNESCO World Heritage, as well as Tehran Bazar, Sa’abad. We will take you to Kashan, visiting Fin Garden, full of magnificence and elegance which is one of the nine beautiful Persian gardens registered in UNESCO World Heritage. Then we go to historical village of Abyaneh and historic town of Natanz. We will show you Isfahan City which Iranians call it half of the world. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but this great city is full of monuments such stunning mosques, old bridges, palaces and bazars which most of them remained from Safavid era. Imam square Ali qapu palace , Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Si-O Se bridge, Chehel-Sotun palace, Khaju bridge, are some of monuments of Isfahan which most of them were declared as UNESCO World Heritage. Then we will discover Yazd City. Yazd has a unique Persian architecture. The Historical Urban Fabric of Yazd was registered as world heritage by UNESCO. You will be surrounded with the magic of sand and sun and historical texture of this city. We will continue our adventure to Zein-o-din Caravanserai which is one of two caravanserais built with circular towers. We stay the night to this magnificent building which is full of sense of life and history. Then we depart it and continue our way to Shiraz. In middle of way to Shiraz, you will see glory of ancient Persia, Naqsh-e Rustam/Naqsh-e Rajab & Persepolis. In Shiraz known as the city of poetry and beautiful gardens, we will show you one of the most beautiful Persian gardens, Eram garden. You will visit citadel of Karim Khan & Vakil mosque, Naranjestan garden, tomb of great poets of Iran, Hafez & Sadi.



Tour Itinariry Duration

 13 Days & 12 Nights

Day City   Accomodation Activity 
 Day 1   Tehran  Mashhad Hotel

      Just Reservation

 Day 2   Tehran  Mashhad Hotel

      Arriving in Tehran , transfer from airport to hotel,

     Visit Saadabad  palace and Darband,

 Day 3  Kashan  Negrestan Hotel

      Tehran morning  Tour:  visit Tehran bazar, Golestan Palace 

      After lunch, depart Tehran and drive to Kashan

     -Stay in Kashan

 Day 4  Kashan  Negrestan Hotel  
 Day 5  Isfahan  Safir Hotel

      Depart Kashan and drive to Isfahan, In way to Isfahan ,

      visiting Visit Abyaneh Village Natanz & Natanz Mosque

     -Stay in Isfahan

 Day 6  Isfahan  Safir Hotel

      Isfahan city tour: visit Imam square, Ali qapu palace,

      Imam mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Bazar-E Bozorg

 Day 7  Isfahan  Safir Hotel

      Full day Isfahan city tour: visit Si-O Se bridge,

      Chehel-Sotun palace, decorative art museum of Isfahan,

      Hasht Behesht palace, Vank church, Khaju bridge, Shahrestan bridge 

 Day 8  Yazd  Moshir Caravanserai

      Drive from Isfahan to yazd, visit Tower of Silence and Yazd Atash Behram

      and visiting other places 

      -Stay in yazd

 Day 9  Yazd  Moshir Caravanserai       Yazd city tour: Visit  The Historical Urban Fabric of Yazd City
 Day 10  Zeinodin  Zeinodin Caravanserai        Drive to  Zeinodin 
 Day 11  Shiraz  Eram Hotel

      Drive from  Zeinodin to Shiraz,  In way to Shiraz visiting Naqsh-e Rustam/

      Naqsh-e Rajab & Persepolis, Tour guide will be waiting in  Persepolis, 

      -Stay in Shiraz 

 Day 12  Shiraz  Eram Hotel

      Shiraz city tour: visit citadel of Karim Khan & Vakil mosque, Naranjestan garden,

      Eram garden, tomb of Hafez & Sadi

 Day 13  Shiraz  Eram Hotel       Transfer from hotel to Shiraz airport & depart Iran





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